Warrant Clearing Process

Warrant Clearing Process the Fast & Easy Way Conducting a “Walk-through” Bail Bond

A Walk-through bail bond (aka: a Walk-Thru bail bond) is a process by which a person who has a Colorado State Court warrant for their arrest can obtain a cancellation of that warrant and be given a specific Court date to have the matter heard in the Court from which the warrant exist.  A Walk-thru bail bond can be accomplished in a variety of ways, however, first is to confirm that a Warrant really exist for the persons arrest.  Please be advised that EVERY WARRANT DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR A WALK-THRU bail bond.  Therefore, it is important that anyone who thinks or knows they have a warrant should contact us for detailed information as to how Fast & Easy Bail Bonds can help you lift the existing warrant for your arrest.  Each warrant case is different from the next.  Here at Fast & Easy Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves in how knowledgable we are specifically in helping warrant defendants get the burden and mental pressure of having a warrant for their arrest lifted and given them a second chance to get the case cleared and behind them.  We always say and are correct, “if you wait to clear your warrant, when and if you are arrested it WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN AT A BAD TIME”.  So take care of it on your terms.  Don’t keep the burden and mental pressure of having a warrant for your arrest or for the arrest of a friend or family member any longer call us now at 303-960-2556.

It is very smart for one to contact a qualified bail company like Fast & Easy Bail Bonds BEFORE they go and surrender without getting a bail company in place.  This can easily result in the person being incarcerated for hours’ even days before they can arrange to have a bail bondsman come and bail them out of jail.

The best place to do a walk-thru bond if the Outstanding Warrant is one that can only be cleared by the person wanted going through the arrest process would be at the Aurora City Police Department located at 15001 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora, CO  80012.  After you hire Fast & Easy Bail Bonds to be the defendants bondsman, if you want to get in and out in a small amount of time and have your warrant cleared and no longer valid you should surrender at this particular police department.  Here we can get you in and out and back to life in a short time.  The Aurora City Jail and the Aurora City Police Department are two different buildings located on the same big piece of property.  The Aurora City Police Department is where the Defendant will go to surrender.  Before the defendant surrenders he or she should dress appropriately, therefore, remove all Jewelry to include watches, any ear rings, bull rings, gages as these items delay the processing and ultimate release of the defendant.  Don’t wear any hats or belts if at all possible.  Wear shoe’s that don’t have shoe-strings which would have to be booked in to property (again causing unnecessary delay related to release from jail on bond).  The only thing the Defendant should have with them is their State issued photo ID and be properly dressed for processing as described in this paragraph. The goal here is the surrendering defendant wants to be as easy as possible to process, again being best prepared will result in fast & easy processing and ultimately release on bond with the Warrant lifted.


Below is a picture of the front of the Aurora Police Department building where the person that has warrant will go to surrender ONLY AFTER THEY HIRE A FAST & EASY QUALIFIED BAIL AGENT.  After they go through the Gold Doors of the Aurora Police Department they go to the right and walk to end of hall and present their photo ID to the officer that’s in the bubble (there is an officer in this bubble 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).  Shortly after doing that the whole process begins.  Don’t worry, the process is fairly quick, specifically at this particular Police Department.

Below is a picture of the Outside of the Aurora City Police Department where someone with Warrant will go to Surrender.  The address of this building is 15001 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora, CO  80012.

After the surrendering person is processed, the co-signer completes paperwork, pays premium plus filing fee’s and the bail agents post all bonds required to clear all warrants the defendant’s comes out of the other side where the Aurora Jail/detention center is.  Below is a picture of the Aurora Detention Center where the defendant will come out upon release and processing.

Please be advised that we can still clear Colorado Warrants in several other ways.  So Please call to discuss your situation and we will find the best solution to get that Warrant cleared in the most easy and fastest way available.  Be assured that we can get the Warrant cleared one way or another.  

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