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This very important page of our website describes in basic terms exactly “How Bail Bonds Work” here in Colorado serviced by the professional bondsman and woman working with or through Fast & Easy Bail Bonds.

How bail works is can be explained through five (5) steps that lead to the freedom or release of someone you may know who is in custody. In summary the following five (5) major steps that have to occur:

  1. One must have a need for a bail bond (i.e. someone in jail or someone has warrant they want to clear)
  2. One must identify a “Qualified Co-signer” who will be meeting with & signing the bail bond docs before person in custody can be bonded out of jail. (see “Bail FAQ” for what takes to be a co-signer)
  3. One must have the required premium in either cash, credit* or approved property (this premium or bail could be up to 15% of the bond, usually closer to 10% on larger bonds)
  4. If Collateral is required due to the size of the bond, then acceptable property must be pledged*. However, MOST BONDS DO NOT REQUIRE COLLATERAL.
  5. Upon our office or our Bondsman receiving the signed documents and the required premium the Bondsman will then post the full amount of the Bond and your friend or love one is out-processed from the jail and released out into the public on bond.

First, one must be in a situation to even require or have a need for a Bail Bond. Either a friend or love one is in jail or an individual has an outstanding warrant for their arrest. In either situation a bail bond would be able to secure the person in jails freedom or remove the outstanding warrant once posted with the appropriate Court. In most cases, the bond is posted at a detention facility like Denver City/County Jail located in Denver, Colorado or Douglas County Jail located in Castle Rock, Colorado and the Jail essentially forwards the actual Bond to the applicable Court. In order for a bail bond to be posted, the bond amount must be first be set by the Court. In almost 90% of all cases, the bail amount is set and or tied directly to the offense that supposedly committed by the person in custody or having a live and active warrant. In other words, unless the charge involves certain aggravated violent crimes, like Murder the bail amount is usually automatically set. Another way to look at this fact is that less than 10% of the time, a person charged and taken into custody WILL NOT have a bail bond amount automatically set giving that person the ability to access a bail bond to gain his/her release. In this small number of cases, the defendant has to go before the Court Judge before the bail amount is set and that is if it will be even be set. Remember in cases of Murder and depending on the circumstances, the accused may or may NOT get a bond. However, once the bail is set, a Colorado bail bondsman can be hired to assist you in getting the person in jail released or the person with a Colorado Warrant canceled.

In order for someone to hire a Bail Bondsman they must be willing to become the responsible party for the full amount of the bond for a fee called premium. This premium may be paid in the form of cash, credit* or property and in some case some combination thereof that is equal to up to 15% of the bond amount. This premium always is pennies on the dollar when compared to the full amount of the bond. However, the responsible person is called a Co-Signer for short. The Co-signer has to be a “Qualified as a Co-Signer” in order to hire a bail bondsman to post a bond on their behalf. It doesn’t matter if a friend or love one needs an Aurora Bail Bondsman located off of Alameda & Chambers in Aurora, Colorado or an Arapahoe county bail bondsman located off Potomac Ave & Arapahoe Road in Centennial, Colorado or an Adams county bail bondsman located in Brighton, Colorado or even if they need a Denver county bail bondsman located at 490 Colfax Ave in the city of Denver, Colorado the process is essentially the same with some differences with respect to jail processing/filing fee’s and /or release time. The filing fee’s do vary from $10 to $65 per bond being posted depending on the jail they are being detained in. The Bail process involves a contract between the Co-signer and the Bail Agency. In the contract the cosigner makes a lot of binding commitments primarily related to the defendant’s 100% compliance with all terms of the Appearance Bond as well as all terms of the Bail Contract. This must be fully complied with and includes the co-signer seeing to it that the person bonded out, goes to each and every one of his/her court dates until the matter is fully resolved. See the Bail Bond Questions and Answers page of our website for additional details related to qualifying as a co-signer, forms of payment accepted and the like.

Once the co-signer is approved to co-sign on the bond, a bail contract is explained and signed by all co-signers, if collateral is involved the related paperwork must be signed by cosigner along with the auto titles or pledged property turned over to bail agent and the premium or cash has been collected our bail bondsman will post the bond or bonds and the love one or friend in jail is released from custody.

If any car titles or any property is being pledged as security or “Collateral”, that title or property will can only be returned as soon as the case is fully released by the Court and the co-signer faxing or delivers the “Bond Release” or “Bond Discharge” to our office where the co-signer’s liability is then terminated and there name is removed. This may take one court hearing or possibly several court hearings to reach the point where the cosigner is able to get the Bond Release document. This bond document is what our office needs in order to release the title or property back to cosigner. In case of a walk-through bond, after the bond is posted the person NO LONGER will have a warrant out for their arrest. In both cases, from that point the defendant just needs to go to all their court until the matter is fully resolved. Again is doesn’t matter if you need a Jefferson county bail bondsman located in Golden, Colorado or a Douglas county bail bondsman located off of I-25 & Park Meadows Parkway exit #184 in Castle Rock, Colorado, our bondsman are ready and willing to help you at any facility or detention center in the State of Colorado, just call us and our professional Colorado bail bondsman will be on their way. At Jefferson County jail, they have filing fee that applies to each bond and depending if the person in their custody has “Out of County” charges, the filing fee is higher. In any case, Jefferson County filing fee’s on each bond ranges from $40 to $65 each while the filing fee at Douglas County jail is $40 per bond.

Again, where ever you need a Colorado licensed bail bondsman, we will be there. Just call and make sure that all of your questions or answered. Remember if you have any questions about bail bonds, we have FREE answers. When dealing with a bail bond, you are dealing with a very serious matter as the person in jail has the freedom put on hold until you call us and get them out of jail the Fast & Easy way. Don’t wait anymore, call us now at 303-960-2556 or page an agent now and receive a return call within minutes to help you get your friend and/or love one out and back into your arms ASAP.

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