What are the common reasons that delay bail release?

Seeing your loved one struck up in jail is the most devasting experience. However, With the process of bail bonds services, you can help your loved one to be free. Each state Jail has its specific turnaround time to process the bails. The bondsman has a call of duty to ensure the speedy release of his client from jail. 

The Bail process begins with a request of co-signers to release the inmate. The bail amount set by the court and the mode of payment is then determined. Once the bondsman posts the bail amount and pays the necessary filing fees, the inmate is set free. After clearance of the entire process, the time may vary from 30 minutes to 12 hours. At times, more, depending on the situation. Smaller police departments, municipal jails, and small county jails usually have a fast turnaround time due to the low flow of work. There is an expected delay in large counties.

Here are some of the common reasons why your bails requests may get delayed:

  • Administrative delays: Once the person is locked up in jail, the jailor will record all his details, the reason for his conviction, Date, etc. There is a process of putting one behind the bar and the same applies while releasing him. The release at any jail could take a minimum of 24 hours. However, there could be administrative delays, that is, internal judicial process delays that may further extend the time.
  • Holiday delays: Getting arrested on holidays can be more cumbersome. The bail bonds are processed only during judicial hours. Holidays are an exception. The holiday can delay in establishing the bail amount that needs to be deposited in the court and all the further procedures thereon.
  • Faulty paper works:  the Co-signer is the one who signs the bail bond. The process requires the submission of some documents and paper works. Hence any gap with the documentation clearance can further delay the process. Our Arapahoe County Bail Bondsman is knowledgeable and experienced in rectifying any loopholes in the bails bond process.
  • Inefficient bail bondsman: Bail bond companies play a vital role while availing release based on bail. The bondsman has to have a good rapport and contact with judicial authorities and jail authorities. However, not all bondsmen have that hold of getting things done. Hence it becomes critical to seek assistance from an experienced and professional bondsman to ensure there is no delay in the release. Denver county bail bonds Colorado have experienced and professional bail bondsman who render quick and reliable service.

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