The Mistakes That Can Cancel Your Bail And Send You Back To Jail

If you’ve been arrested, taken to jail in Arapahoe County, Colorado? You need an Arapahoe County bail bondsman to post bail for you. You can post bail and be out until the time your trial starts. You can be at home till your verdict is reached. But there are a few conditions to your bail. Some mistakes you make can result in the cancelation of your bail and sending you back to jail. Check out a few of the most common reasons your bail will be canceled:

Resigning From Work

Quitting your work makes it significantly more difficult to pay for your attorney. One of the key conditions of being granted bail is that you continue to work during the process. If you quit your job abruptly, the court may assume that you plan to flee. This is taken into consideration if you have been on the job for an extended period. So ensure that you’re employed at all times till the verdict is out.

 Taking Drugs Or Getting Drunk

If you are out on bail on a case related to alcohol or drugs, such as possession or DUI, your bail condition will include the condition that you remain sober. You can be administered a random drug test or an alcohol test. Even if your case has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs, if you are found in possession or are drinking alcohol, there are times the judge can look at it in a bad light. The effects of alcohol can cause you to commit minor infractions, but even minor infractions when on bail can cause huge problems for you. 

Bad Company

If other people have been convicted along with you, you are prohibited from visiting them as a condition of your bail. Even if the conditions are not in place, it is best to stay away from these people and also people with a criminal history. Do not be in touch with them even via text, phone calls, and even social media. If you fail to follow the conditions of your bail, your bail will be canceled, and you will be arrested immediately.

When you are out on bail you get the chance to prove to the court that you are a reliable individual and will keep your court dates while you keep your job. It also proves that you are an asset to the community and contribute to it. 

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