Misinformation About Bail Bond and How They Really Work

Have you been put behind bars for a crime? You will remain in jail until you post bail. You can be out on bail, till the date of your trial is set. You might think that the system to get out on bail is complicated. That’s a misconception. In this article, we will help understand everything about bail bonds tand how you can get it if and when required.


Only Cash Is Accepted By Bondsmen

Most people assume that cash is the only mode of payment that is preferred for bail bonds. This is not true. Bondsman accepts multiple payment options – cash, debit card, credit card payments. In certain cases where the person does not have access to funds, bondsmen can sometimes take electronics or vehicles as collateral security till the time payment can be cleared.

You Are Automatically Eligible For Bail

It is not necessary to be eligible for bail in all cases. The courts decide whether you are qualified to post bail or not. There are times when people are kept behind bars till they meet a few predetermined conditions. Many crimes of a serious nature do not qualify for bail. The final judgment on whether you qualify for bail is made by the judge only.

You Can Do What You Want When You Are Out On Bail

If you are out on bail, you cannot do what pleases you. There are a few bail preconditions that you have to adhere to. You need to be present at all your court dates and keep an open dialogue with the courts. Sometimes the judge can put some conditions to bail, such as not being able to leave the country. You might not be allowed to visit bars and you will not commit even the smallest crime during your bail period.

You Will Go To Jail If You Don’t Pay The Bail Bonds

If you do not pay the bail bond, you will be arrested and put behind bars. Bail bondsmen have various ways to claim bond money if the defendant or the guarantor does not pay the premium. Bail bondsmen can notify the Court that they will no longer be liable for your bond.  They can also take you in their custody and take you to the police.

If you get arrested in Colorado, posting bail is not cheap. If you cannot afford it, a bail bondsman can help you with a Denver county bail bond. At Fast & Easy Bail Bonds, we are available 24/7 to help, if you need bail in all the cities and counties of douglas county bail bonds. Give us a call quickly and one of our bail agents will be there to help you.


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