Douglas County Bail Bonds – What Does a Judge Consider When Making a Bail Decision


The judge considers a number of issues when deciding whether or not to grant bail to a defendant. Understanding the legal process from arrest to punishment can be complicated and intimidating. Bail permits the defendant to be released from jail until their trial date. Each person has their unique set of circumstances, which the court takes into account. Let’s look at a few factors that determine your bail situation.


Your bail decision is heavily influenced by the offense for which you have been accused. The court has the ability to establish bail based on the charges against you. Bail is denied in case the offenses are severe such as murder or aggravated assault. In other circumstances, the bond amount is set extremely high, often in millions of dollars. If the evidence against you is nearly certain, the judge can refuse your request for bail. 

Past Criminal Record

A repeat offender or a person who has a past criminal record is generally denied bail. If the defendant has a previous case ongoing or is out on bail or parole, they will be denied bail in most circumstances. If the defendant has a history of misusing their freedom when on Denver county bail bond or has committed a violation of previous bail terms, they will be denied bail.

Flight Risk

If the judge believes that you are likely to flee the country and are a flight risk, they will deny you bail. Getting bail is impossible in case the defendant is not a citizen of the United States. In this case, the charges levied against them can lead to their eventual deportation. Also, if the prosecution presents evidence that can deem the defendant to be too risky to release, bail may be denied in these circumstances.

Witness Tampering

Bail may be denied if a court suspects or there is substantial evidence that the accused will tamper with a prosecution witness. In exceptional circumstances, the defendant may have access to the witnesses’ details and may attempt to contact them and bribe or threaten them in order to lower or drop their charges. Cases involving sexual assault and those with the death penalty as the most severe form of punishment have a very low likelihood of being granted bail.


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