What Happens When You Are Stopped for a DUI in Arapahoe?

You have been pulled up by the police for suspected driving under the influence (DUI). Your anxiety levels go up as you wonder what to do next. What should you do?

Be calm and polite at all times. The police have the right to search a vehicle if they have probable cause. They can do so without a warrant. This may be the smell or the behavior of the driver/passenger or if there are other suspicious signs. Your entire car can be searched, which includes any items present in the car, such as bags, and also the glove compartment. In normal cases, the police usually search vehicles once they get the driver’s consent. If they suspect that you are under the influence, they can go through certain tests to confirm their suspicions. A few things that they do are:

Sobriety Tests

In case of suspicion, you will be requested to carry out a field sobriety test to check whether you have been using drugs or alcohol. The most common test is the walk-and-turn. As the name suggests, you’ll be requested to walk in a straight line and turn whilst the officer observes. If you fail the tests, you can be arrested.

Breath Test

You will then be checked with a breathalyzer to examine your blood alcohol level. This is referred to as a PAS (Portable Breath Test) machine. This device isn’t always as dependable as a blood test. However, it is quick and can estimate the blood alcohol level. It is meant for the officer to get probable causes rather than as proof for court.

Booking and Arrest

 If you fail those tests, your license may be suspended and you could be arrested, after which you will be booked at the police station. A complete body search will be performed and all of your private items may be confiscated. This is the time when you’ll be placed in a holding cell. You will be given one phone call and you could contact your lawyers, your family or a denver county bail bonds to put up bail.


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